Consumers are exposed to an extensive amount of products in a variety of venues from supermarkets to department stores. All it takes is a split second for them to reach to a competitor's product over yours if your packaging doesn't stand out and grab their attention. We know how to make packaging attractive, vibrant and consumer friendly while promoting confidence in your product – all within those important few seconds. Taking into consideration the type of product you're selling, along with the market we are exposing it to we can create a package and a merchandising program that allows your product to almost sell itself.


First impressions are important to a potential customer. A company's Logo Design is the 'persona’ of its business and sets the tone for all other supporting materials. Branding, whether for a product or service, is essential to getting any successful business off the ground. At Fox Studios, our design team will help create an exciting new brand or help clients revitalize an existing brand that needs 'updating.' We work closely with clients to help them portray the true identity of their business and offer them maximum exposure.

PRINT MEDIA: Brochures, Magazine/Newspaper Advertising, Direct Mail

Even in today's digital oriented world, print media still has a big impact. The feeling of a rich, glossy brochure in a customer's hands can give them confidence. An advertisement, whether in a newspaper or magazine, can spark immediate interest. A unique and creative postcard arriving in a consumer's mailbox will beg for instant attention. Yes, print media remains a key component in how well a company can popularize their name in their respective markets. The team at Fox Studios knows this and has all the knowledge and experience necessary to provide the most outstanding solutions to your print media needs.​

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